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Numb feet....

grantieboy 16 Sep 14:24  

Joined: 16 Sep 2010

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Hi all - first post from a 'newbie' so bear with me!

Just taken up road cycling, bought a decent bike clipless pedals & shoes etc and been out for a few decent runs (30miles plus) but every time I go out I seem to get quite 'numb' feet. Is this normal for a beginner getting used to the hard soled shoes??

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Charlie Girl 17 Sep 15:32  

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I have the same problem, pins and needles in my toes as well. I am currently just riding a hybrid with trainers and do spinning classes (only done 3 so far) but I always get the same problem.

I asked the spinning instructor and she told me it was because I had a high instep in my trainer and it was making my foot arch in a way that wasn't natural to cycling. She suggested getting shoes to keep my foot as flat as possible. Old trainers or cycling clip shoes.

Don't know if that is going to help me, but it is very annoying not knowing how to stop it.

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sallyann 20 Sep 18:25  

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I've had the same problem when clipped in, i think it's not moving your feet around. I now wiggle my feet in my shoes and i've loosened my shoes off and that seems to have helped!

akzo 21 Sep 18:24  

Joined: 21 Sep 2010

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I had a the same problem with my hands. Kept getting pins and needles,ifound out i was wearing my gloves to tight.
Try loosing off your laces a little.

grantieboy 27 Sep 15:37  

Joined: 16 Sep 2010

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Thanks for your replies.

Did the BHF 47 mile charity ride in Wiltshire yesterday and wiggled the toes a bit more than usual which seemed to help!! And loosened off the straps on the shoes a bit aswell - thanks for the advice on that one.


tazbikebiz 10 May 20:16  

Joined: 03 May 2011

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Definitely straps too tight in my case,Had brand new shoes on when this occured so stopped during my last ride out and loosened just slightly and problem solved.
Same issue with new gloves hands were starting to get a bit Pins & Needles but all is good now gloves have worn in a bit more.

sowen 11 May 14:37  

Joined: 11 May 2011

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any of the following may be the case:
1. wearing your shoes tight can compress the dorsal superficial nerves of your feet, 2. your feet may swell with exercising- thus the volume of your shoe decreases leading to compression of hte shoe fit.
3. the angulation and shape of the toe box of the shoe may cause the forefoot to become squashed and inducing possible Morton't neuroma type pain (including tingling and numbness)

solution- elastic laces to allow the shoe to adapt to the swelling of the feet with excercise, or adjust the fasteing often through the journey.

sdwalker 16 Jan 14:28  

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same problem for me but I have been cycling for about a year now on flat pedals just got a new bike with toe clips. I know the laces are not the issue as I just slip in and out of them at the end of a ride and I have set the toe clip strap loose (more to help getting my foot in and out). I am wondering weather the toe clip is making me use a different part of my foot causing this presure as mentioned above. anything ells I can do to try to stop the numbness?

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Pesmo 16 Jan 15:07  

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Agree with Sowen. My feet definitely swell when cycling and they used to go numb as a consequence. I now wear loose fitting socks and loose fitting thick soled trainers when cycling and the problem has completely gone away.

As an aside, I also used to have problems with numb hands and that took several different things to finally make it go away. Namely;

Good glooves with thick Gel pads in the palm
Ergonomically shaped handlebar grips
A more upright seating position
Softer front suspension setting on the bike
Slightly wider / taller tyres
25% Lower front tyre pressure

akshayv 28 Feb 05:49  

Joined: 28 Feb 2018

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