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Ankle pain

SteveyB 17 May 19:26  

Joined: 12 May 2011

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Hi all

I seem to have developed a pain inside at the back of my left ankle. It was stiff after my last long is (for me) ride. Now it is swelling up and is most painful when I come down stairs or try to stand on my tip toes. Any ideas what I've done or how to fix it?


Martin48 18 May 08:52  

Joined: 10 Apr 2011

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Hi Steve

If there is something wrong with my ankle, or any other part of my body, I find that the best advice and assistance can be obtained from my doctor...

Hope you get your problem sorted soon.


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winnersh cyclist 22 Sep 14:24  

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did you get an anwser dont know if it helps I was getting similar when using SPD pedals since I moved to Keo Look max doesnt appear to happen another thing I noticed previously was having the shoes too tight was worse.

rustyspoke 22 Sep 17:52  

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This can be down to postion on the bike seat height and postion it can also be numerous other factors.


amcilroy 24 Jul 10:01  

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When I recently got a new road bike, I found I was getting pains in my left calf. The problem seemed to be the way the cleat on my shoe had been set; it made my heel jut out slightly. I adjusted it, and have had no issues since that point. I'd suggest looking at that if you use SPDs; but if not, still think about 'form' and where you position your heel as you pedal.

Ironically, I started cycling again after dislocating my ankle in a climbing accident a month ago. I wanted a no-impact solution to strengthening the joint again. Walking any distance is still quite painful, but I have no problems whatsoever notching up 40 miles plus on the bike.



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