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cycling goggles

geeka 23 Oct 13:26  

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I am wondering if many people use cycling goggles. I have glasses but they steam up and can easily get broken. Any options people have. Was looking at cycling goggles but want to hear peoples opinions.

Razoid 24 Oct 20:40  

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I have the same problem with steaming up glasses and would think that goggles would be as bad if not worse at misting up. Has anyone tried the "muck off" anti-fog solution or otherwise any recommendations for a good pair of clear glasses for cross country night riding that are not so prone to misting up.

geeka 31 Oct 14:36  

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Anyone got any ideas, ive seen some goggles with a strap on for about 25 quid but dont want to blow loads if they are rubbish

BusterG 07 Nov 12:13  

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i use clear glasses (non-prescription) and the steam thing can be solved although tedious.
rub soap (from a bar of soap) onto both sides of the lens then rub with a good quality glass cloth.
I forget the science behind it but it works (for me anyway) but if they get wet you will need to re-apply.

i found these:

this one supports my theory (reply 4)


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magpie667 28 Mar 09:38  

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I have to weat sun glasses as problems with wind in my eyes so same steam up problem what I found was when open water swimming give the inside of the goggles a lick I do the same with sunglasses and it seems to work

rustyspoke 28 Mar 17:45  

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Buy anti mist from motorcycle shops normally applied on the inside of visor
Any good motorcycle shop should have it.
As for glasses wear sports strap to stop them falling off but i suggest you to good cycle shop and try some of the eye shields with detachable lenses then you put tinted ones on when sunny.
If you do a bit of shopping around you will come up with a solution to this problem.
But the soap method as suggested in other post works and is cheap alternative.

eastman 05 Sep 08:44  

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Thanks for sharing the post.


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