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Gears slipping on Boardman Full sus MTB

geeka 14 Dec 08:47  

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Hi All,

not used my bike for about 3 weeks due to weather, no problems with gears before but they seem to be slipping in all gears. Any ideas?


dudley 14 Dec 16:57  

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the whole thing has shrunk by 10% due to temperatures of -16

(basically - I have no idea whatsoever)

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tonythegreek 14 Dec 17:06  

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hi i had this on my bike it was the pawls in the rear block
wd40 did the trick

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geeka 21 Feb 14:42  

Joined: 06 Apr 2010

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it was 2 chain links that were damaged, new links required!!!

guitarpete247 22 Feb 09:42  

Joined: 14 Feb 2011

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How long have you had the bike? It might be a good opportunity to check the chain for stretch.

http://www.sheldonbrown.com/chains.html and look up chain stretch or go to
Bicycle tutor is a good site for videos for maintainance and Sheldon for almost every bit of information you will ever need.
I have these two sites in my favourites.

A new chain is better and cheaper than a new cassette if you let your chain wear get too much. And if it gets too much it may even run to new chainrings as well

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