Postcode to Latitude and Longitude Conversion

Finding a postcode to latitude and longitude coordinates converter is not an easy task. This is because there isn't a straight forward formula but instead a list is maintained by the Royal Mail. Unfortunately this list of coordinates is not free, so I have decided to make available every latitude and longitude coordinate that I have plotted manually, and the corresponding postcodes for free.

A positive latitude indicates how far north you are, conversely a negative latitude indicates how far south you are on the Earth's surface in relation to the prime media which for latitudes is the equator. Similarly with longitude, a positive longitude indicates how far East you are, and a negative how far west you are in comparison to the prime median which falls just east of Scotland and south through France and Africa.

If you have your own list of postcode conversions and would like to pass them on, feel free to use the contact page to get in touch. Please note all these postcodes have been plotted manually and while they are very close they may not be exact.

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